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October 13,2018


D.O.R.C. is a registered not for profit club, with all monies going back to the track, club, & members. We stride to make the club\track a welcoming, clean, & fun family environment, with intentions of bringing racers, non racers & bashers together at the track. 

Dorc 2019 Race Schedule

May 18th - Series Race #1

June 22nd - Series Race #2

July 5 6 7 - Canadian Tru Dirt Off-road Nationals

July 20th - Series Race #3

Aug 17th - Series Race #4

Sept 7th - Series Race #5 (must attend)

Sept 28th - Fall Finale Trophy Race 

*1 drop allowed for Series Races*

*2019 Race Dates are subject to change*    

 Points are accumulated for the Dorc Race Series. (total of 5 races)  Allowing to drop only one of your worst or missed races. Therefore the total of your 4 highest race finishes being used to decide the final position overall.



MEMBERS:                                                  NON-MEMBERS:

First Class------$25                                          First Class------$35

Second Class---$15                                          Second Class---$25

Third Class-----$10                                          Third Class-----$10

Novice /Kids Class-----$15                                         Novice/Kids Class-----$20 


MEMBERS:                                                     NON-MEMBERS:

First Class------$30                                          First Class------$35

Second Class---$20                                          Second Class---$25

Third Class-----$10                                           Third Class-----$10

                              Membership fee is $100.00 for single and $150.00 for family.                                      

 Memberships are now on sale. The track membership will entitle you to use the track every day from 10 AM until 9:00 pm. Except for race days and when track is closed for maintenance. Members also receive discounts for events held at the track. 
 There is a possible Members only day which will be announced at a later date for all members and members families. Our  RC season is late May-Nov.

Class Rules

Driving assistance products such as gyros are banned from competition. Spektrum AVC receivers may be used if the are in Blinky mode. Anyone found to have driving assistance active in their vehicles will lose their fastest qualifier. A second offence in the same day will result in a Disqualification.

Nitro vehicles should be equipped with a .28ci engine or smaller and a maximum 125cc fuel tank for buggy, 150cc for truggy. Throttle return failsafes are mandatory.

1/8 Nitro Buggy – Requires 1/8 Buggy-style body, 1/8 Buggy wheels and tires, 1/8 wing.
1/8 Nitro Truggy – Requires 1/8 Truggy-style body, 1/8 Truggy wheels and tires, 1/8 wing.

Electric 1/8 vehicles shall run 6S or smaller LiPo/LiFe batteries, either as a single pack or two packs in series. Motors can be either 2 or 4 pole.

1/8 E-Buggy– Requires 1/8 Buggy-style body, 1/8 Buggy wheels and tires, 1/8 wing.
1/8 E-Truggy– Requires 1/8 Truggy-style body, 1/8 Truggy wheels and tires, 1/8 wing.

1/10 4WD Short Course – Requires closed wheel body with all fenders attached, 1/10 SC style wheels and tires (2.2” outer bead, 3.0” inner). Spoilers/wings built into, or supplied with the body are allowed, aftermarket bolt on units are not. Batteries are limited to 2S LiPo/LiFe or 7-cell NiXX packs. Motors are limited to 550 size or smaller, 2 or 4 poles.

Kids – Participants must have been born on or after June 1st 2004 to enter this class. 2 and 4WD SCT, Stadium Truck. Participants running SCT trucks will abide to the SCT rules. Stadium trucks are limited to 2S LiPo/LiFe or 7-cell NiXX, 2.2” ST wheels and tires and ST style bodies.

Novice – Vehicles allowed are 1/10 Electric only. This class is for  kids that have been bumped up from the kids class and anyone with little or no experience racing at Boards discretion. The Board also has the right  to move racers in this class to a regular class if the driver is capable. 

There have been some requests to run monster trucks in the Truggy classes and other various vehicles . We are  allowing them to run at the boards discretion on race days if we can find a spot for them.  


We run 2- 7 minute quals with 3 minutes between heats.

 We have open practice at the beginning of the day. 

We use rocket round to set TQ. So highest number of laps in 7 minutes gets you TQ.

Electric A-Mains are 10 minutes. B-mains and lower are 8 minutes with 2 bumps
Nitro A-Mains are 30 minutes. B-mains are 15 minutes  and lower are 10 minutes with 2 bumps

The track has limited power to run the pa system, scoring laptop. 

So please bring a generator. There is a bunch of people that have them so make some friends.